Making Videos: The #1 Home-School Activity that Enhances Reading & Writing Skills, Teaches a Timely Skill and Boosts Creativity & Confidence

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What is My Video Playtime?

Made especially for new home-schooling parents due to COVID-19

My Video Playtime is a FREE, fun, on-demand video program that teaches parents and their kids how to use video making as the new at-home learning activity. In less than 30 minutes, you’ll know how to create simple videos together, using a process designed to enhance your children’s reading and writing skills, teach a relevant skill, and boost their creativity!

Goal-Setting & Achievement

Making videos is process oriented. Your children will reach their small goals one after, leading to reaching the bigger goal: a video they can’t wait for you to see!


Reading, Writing & Creativity

Watching video often gets blamed for lowering literacy. Well, MAKING video instead of just watching does the opposite! Reading and writing are integral parts of the process of creating video. 

Build a Skillset for the Future

Video equipment is a relatively easy way to become familiar with what they will encounter in all phases of life. With video editing alone, kids will learn all kinds of technical skills, many of which can easily be translated into other applications.

The Teen Academy is Now Open

Created for the QuaranTEEN who wants to learn how to create videos for Youtube.

What You’ll Learn

• The Step-by-Step basics of how to make a video (Even if you’ve never done it before) in less than 30 minutes!

• Reading and Writing exercises that make the process simple

• How to Plan, Film, Edit and Share your videos

• Ways you can support your child in their video making

• What Software and Equipment you’ll need (You may already have much of it already)

• How to maintain online safety and privacy

• Fun Ideas and Topics for Making future videos at home

About the Creator &Instructor

Parchelle Tashi is a former school teacher turned entrepreneur and professional video producer.

For 9 years, she ran her own video production company which produced hundreds of videos in multiple locations along the east coast. In light of the situation facing our world today, she came up with this idea to help parents find a fun activity that gives their kids the opportunity to learn a technical skill, build their creativity and improve their reading and writing.

About the Marketing Producer

Deeba Fatima is a tech savvy, stay-at-home mom who started learning about digital marketing in 2008.

Her knowledge and experience grew especially in the areas of web development and social media. As a mom of 2, she believes it’s important to engage with her children, providing them quality time and creative activities, while utilizing time-management skills to maintain a healthy balance between home and work.


I've never made a video before, can I do this?

YES! I’ll show you step by step how to make your own videos at home with your kids, even if you’ve never done it before.

How many videos can we do with this program?

As many as you’d like! With each video you make, just follow the same steps.

Is there a cost to learning this program?

NO! This is 100% free to learn, so be sure to sign up today! 

To gain more from the program, you can get lifetime access to the My Video Playtime Workbook for $19.99 and become a member of the My Video Playtime Family.

Members get access to future lesson plan ideas, the chance to participate in our My Video Playtime Challenge Contests for prizes, and Q&A with the Instructor. The membership is $99/year.

Who will see the videos we make?

You have a number of options! You can upload the videos to a private account or make them accessible to a select group of people, such as friends and family. 

Included in the program is a bonus video about online safety and privacy.

What age range is this program for?

My Video Playtime was created for children ages 6 and up.


What Our Families are Saying

This is an incredible idea! I’ve needed something different and fun for the kids to do at home!

My son is all smiles over here! He is super excited!!!

What an amazing way to give back and teach goal-setting to children!